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To communicate in secret with his twin brother, Zeke Moorie, the sleuth of "Betrayed!", uses a "scytale." (This word rhymes with Italy.) A scytale was first used by ancient leaders to send codes during times of war. Here's how you can make your own at home:

1) Find two cylinder-shaped rods that are the same size. (Two thick pencils will do.) Give one of the rods to a friend.
2) Wrap a long thin piece of paper around your clinder, so that the paper runs around the object from top to bottom.
3) Write a message across the paper.
4) Unravel the paper. Your message will now make no sense. It can only be read when wound around a cylinder the same size as yours.
5) Deliver the strip of paper to your friend, who will wrap it around his cylinder. The message can now be read!

Zeke Moorie: detective hero of "Betrayed!"

Mysteries and Action-Packed True Tales for Readers 6-15...find the right one for you!

Ages 8 to 12
Cal Talaska can’t wait for his family to win the Great Grab Contest! The prize? Twenty minutes to grab anything in the world-famous Wish Shoppe! He knows his family will leave the competition in the dust, but first he has to convince them to compete!
Ages 10 to 15
An interactive adventure like no other! On this epic climb up Mount Everest, readers are part of the youngest team ever to climb the world's tallest peak.
My second "Behind Enemy Lines" book is about real-life heroes risking everything for their country in modern-day conflicts.
Eight stories of heroic men and women who fought and struggled behind enemy lines
Ages 6 to 9
Cousins Henry and Keats takes on magical odd jobs for the kooky Mr. Cigam—and find themselves battling monsters in these funny adventures.
Wacky, misfit monsters start their own team in the Junior Monster League. The Scream Team books are available everywhere online and in stores.
Ages 8 to 11
Young Fitz Morgan must discover who is poisoning train passengers in 1906

Links to Interviews

School Visits and Conferences

I love to visit classrooms, libraries, and conferences in person, or via Skype or iChat. I can schedule up to 30-minute virtual, Q&A visits with book groups and library groups that have read at least one of my books. Please contact me to set up an Author Visit or Author Talk!

The photo above is from my visit to Nemours Children's Hospital. Most of my visits have been to schools such as Greens Farms Academy in Connecticut and New York City schools, such as Nightingale-Bamford, The Brearley School, Loyola, PS 41, and PS 157 (this last school through the amazing Learning Leaders organization).

I've been invited to present at various conferences across the country, including the Michigan Reading Association Conference, the Dust or Magic eBook Conference, and the Worcester State College’s Authors Institute.

I'm interested in taking advantage of Skype to make even more visits and right now I'm running a special rate. Please contact me so we can set up a visit to your classroom!

Possible Formats for My Visit

I've developed educational guides for major institutions such as The American Museum of Natural History, Google, and the National Park Service, so I'm a pro at speaking to students and educators. My visit could have many different kinds of focus…here are just a few ideas:

As the author of the Scream Team series—books about misfit monsters who play sports—I created a squad of wacky creatures who really connect with readers. I will help students develop their own monster main character—one with specific goals, obstacles, and talents.

I've developed two mystery series, Crime Through Time and Comprehension Cliffhangers. For older grades, I will focus on historical fiction, guiding students on creating their own detectives from their favorite time periods.

As creator and developer of best-selling interactive storybooks, including “Nash Smasher!” and “Don’t Open Before Christmas,” I can show you secrets of storyboarding your own book app and getting it into the hands of readers.

A recent Skype visit to an amazing school in Allegan, Michigan.

Speaking with students about digging into history to find new ideas for books.

More About Me

With an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU’s Film School, Bill’s been editor at Sesame Workshop, TIME For Kids/​SI KIDS, and LeapFrog. He’s author of the kids series Crime Through Time (Little Brown), Behind Enemy Lines (Scholastic), Henry & Keats books: “Attack of the Shark-Headed Zombie” and “Stampede of the Supermarket Slugs” (Random House); Scream Team (Scholastic): and the “The Worst Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure: Everest” (Chronicle)

Bill is the founder of Crab Hill Press—a developer of apps for kids, including
“Nash Smasher!” (named a Best 10 Children’s iPad Book by the New York Times)
Bill lives in New York City. You can visit him online at

From the bio page of one of my Crime Through Time books.